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Jill Cheshire is a registered British architect who has lived and practised in Hong Kong since 1992.

During this time she has been responsible for the successful completion of many projects, including the restoration of Government House, former residence of Christopher Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong.

Whilst concentrating on high quality, non speculative residential and commercial projects, Jill also assisted charitable institutions in Hong Kong, namely the Po Leung Kuk (Childrens' charity), Society for Aids care and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA (Hong Kong).

It was through her connection with the Hong Kong SPCA in 1997 she began 'designing for animals' and became enlightened as to the purpose of her professional life.

Jill considers herself to be an 'animal person, who happens to be an architect'. In the creation of the new SPCA Kowloon Animal Welfare Centre in 2001 Jill realised she could utilise her professional skills to contribute to animal welfare.

Whilst she still enjoys 'designing for humans' it is in designing for animals that she experiences total professional and personal fulfillment.

Jill is presently retained by the Animals Asia Foundation and The Hong Kong SPCA.

In 2002 Jill received a 1st Honourable mention for her work on the Kowloon SPCA centre from the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards Group.

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April 14, 2005
Jill Cheshire is a registered British and Hong Kong Architect currently based in Hong Kong.
Design makes a difference. A big difference.