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Project: SPCA Kowloon Centre, Hong Kong 1/3

The Hong Kong SPCA is the oldest and most established animal welfare organisation in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong society has developed and become more affluent the public have increasingly become interested in keeping animals as pets. As a result the SPCA is facing some of their biggest challenges to date, to inform and educate the public on animal welfare issues, and Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO).

Needless to say, the pet shop industry has become a thriving business in Hong Kong. The SPCA find themselves 'competing' for homes for their stray or surrendered animals with pet shops and breeders, the majority of whom are involved with animals for commercial gain.

It was therefore paramount that the new SPCA Kowloon Centre attracted as many members of the animal owning public as possible to utilise their clinic and surgery facilities (revenue is used to support the SPCA welfare initiatives), as well as potential animal owners to adopt the many unwanted and abandoned animals deposited daily at the doors of their centres.

We firmly believed that to compete with commerce, design could play a big role in achieving the SPCA objectives. Design could make a difference......

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April 14, 2005
Jill Cheshire is a registered British and Hong Kong Architect currently based in Hong Kong.
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