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Project: SPCA Kowloon Centre, Hong Kong 2/3

With the assistance of Lilian Tang and Etienne Ma (Graphic Designers), the SPCA logo (pictured left) was redesigned and a signage concept developed. The brief we gave to the graphic designers was to create something 'professional, novel, about animals and fun'.

We think you will agree they did a great job. Next the task of creating the building could begin....
Jill designed the building with both humans and animals in mind. It was to be 'the creation of an environment, stimulating and comfortable to both humans and animals'.....

This 'interior design for animals', particularly in the adoption areas, involved a great deal of research into the various species. Each species has different behaviour and requirements and the design had to respond to this. The design would also affect how the public perceive the animals in their temporary accomodation, whilst awaiting adoption.


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April 14, 2005
Jill Cheshire is a registered British and Hong Kong Architect currently based in Hong Kong.
Design makes a difference. A big difference.